This professional shaving brush combines high quality synthetic fibres with a heavy metal handle with exquisite balance. The craftsmanship of the brush is top notch, and this shaving rush will be a welcome addition to any shaving den.

The synthetic fibres are tangibly soft, extremely long-lasting, and completely vegan-free. These fibres quickly create luscious creamy lather from all shaving soaps and creams. These fibres are a snap to wet and yet dry very quickly once your shave is complete.

Knot Size: 24 mm
Handle Height: 45 mm
Loft: 55 mm
Total Height: 100 mm
Weight: 160.0 g

“This is a phenomenal shaving brush. This brush has no problems whipping up a luxurious lather in a short amount of time. The bristles are soft and comfortable. Highly recommended to any wet -shaving enthusiast. Definitely worth the money.”