A hand-crafted artisanal batch-made product of the “Canadian Shaving Company Limited”

My name is Peter Stasiuk. I am the Founder, and President, of the “Canadian Shaving Company Limited” where our motto is “We’ll Give You The Smoothest, most Comfortable, and Closest Shave You’ll Ever Have……and for far less than the price you’re currently spending on cartridge razors!”

This company came about because I was fed up with 2 things in my life:

I truly detested having to pay $6 for a single multi-blade-razor-cartridge for shaving (“What a Ripoff!”)

And the shave I was getting was terrible. I would routinely cut my face multiple times on each shave, and my skin became severely irritated every time I shaved (so much so that my doctor prescribed me corticosteroids to apply to my face after shaving!!)

One day, after another look at my cut-up, red-inflamed face staring back at me in the mirror, I finally said to myself, “Self, there’s got to be a better way!”

That moment began my journey to develop a razor system that would be:

    1. Far less expensive
    2. Much more gentle to the skin
    3. A shaving system that utilizes face-friendly ingredients to create a luxurious shaving lather
    4. A shaving system that is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable (diverting disposable razor waste out of landfills and reducing the use of aerosol shaving cans thereby saving the earth’s ozone layer)
    5. And most importantly, a shaving system that allows you to choose a razor blade that matches your skin type and facial hair characteristics.

I started completely from square one. As far as I was concerned, the entire shaving process needed to be looked at from a fresh perspective.


Not knowing where to begin, I started with the shaving lather. I researched how shaving lathers were made. I discovered that today’s Shaving Lathers are simply cans of cheap chemical foam. Cheaply made, and cheaply priced, and not particularly good for one’s face. Just take a look at the list of ingredients on the can of your regular brand of Shaving Foam (the can I looked at had 26 chemical ingredients listed, and most of those were unpronounceable – one interesting fact was the can I was looking at stated it was made with Aloe, but Aloe was the very last ingredient listed, and therefore the least amount of all ingredients – and in fact, there was more propane in that can than there was Aloe! Nothing like started out your day applying propane to your face!). I asked myself “Does anybody out there realize what they are applying to their face?”

I thought there had to be a better way of making shaving lather. I searched for alternatives. That’s when I stumbled across “Shaving Soaps”, a retro-style way of creating shaving lather (by agitating the shaving soap with a wet Shaving Brush). I discovered, that in the good-old-fashioned-days, shaving creams used to be made with simple, but exotic and expensive ingredients. The commercialization of the shaving industry led manufacturers to seek cheap chemicals that could imitate and replicate the real expensive ones, which allowed these manufacturers to then sell it cheaply in the marketplace. I tackled this head on.

There were some shavings soaps on the market, so I gave those a try. But all of them either produced a shaving cream that was watery and thin, or they contained ingredients and/or fragrances that irritated my skin. I eventually came to the conclusion that the product I needed did not exist, and that it was up to me to create my own shaving soap.

I put on my chemists’ hat and went to work. My goal was a shaving soap that was entirely fragrance and perfume free, made with friendly ingredients that would produce a dense, luxurious, shaving lather with great glide and slip.

It took me two years of trial and error, ordering from, and badgering, suppliers in far off Asia to send me the exotic ingredients I needed for the trial-and-error experimentation in the development of a face-friendly product. I finally created a shaving soap that, in my humble opinion, provides the most luxurious shaving lather I’ve ever experienced. It’s now the centerpiece of my personal shaving system. Not only is it luxurious, it’s also face-friendly, and provides unparalleled glide and slip for my razor. My product is made with only 6 simple ingredients. I also age it for a minimum of 6 months of before I will allow it to be sold, so it is a very time consuming and costly product to make. But the result?…..Pure bliss! This product turns the dreaded chore of shaving into a highly anticipated morning ritual.

There are only six simple ingredients in “CANADA SHAVING SOAP”:

– Triple-Pressed “Vegetable-Based” Stearic Acid (sustainably sourced from Palm Trees)
– Imported Coconut Oil
– Canadian-sourced Distilled Water
– Potassium Hydroxide
– Sodium Hydroxide
– “Vegetable-Based” Glycerin

That’s it! No added fragrances, perfumes, or unpronounceable chemical names.

Try it for yourself (your face will thank you for it).


Next on my list were the razor and razor blades. There had to be a better alternative to the massive irritation and cuts I was experiencing using the mass-marketed razor cartridge systems that you see in every shaving aisle of any retailer.

Again, I stumbled across the solution as I researched old-fashioned shaving soaps. I discovered the lowly, old-style “Double-Edge Safety Razor”, a throwback to the nostalgic era of shaving.. These razors utilize disposable stainless steel razor blades that are very inexpensive. These “retro-razors” are amazing shaving machines. Combine them with the right “double-edge razor blade” and you can get the smoothest, most comfortable, and closest shave of your life!

But there’s a caveat. And that caveat is that not all DE Razor Blades work the same for everyone. You see, everyone’s facial skin, and everyone’s beard hair, is different. Beard hair ranges from thin, sparsely-spaced beard hairs, to densely-packed beard hairs that are as thick and tough as steel wire. So there’s a testing out period, ie. the trying of different brands until you find ones that are ideally suited to your skin and beard hair characteristics. What’s a very dull razor blade that pulls and tugs at my beard hair, might be ideal for a person with thin beard hair. Different blades come in different levels of sharpness, different kinds of materials, and different coatings. So you go through a process of trial and error to find the perfect blade for you. But, once you do, your shaving experience becomes transformed. The dreaded chore of shaving changes, and that feeling is truly remarkable.


Our shaving system is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. It’s absolutely disgusting the amount of disposable razors that are littering our landfill sites. It’s time we did something about it. We need to be a part of the solution. By using our shaving system, you can play a part in keeping those rusted-out multi-blade plastic eyesores out of our landfills.

Our shaving soap is aerosol-free. The Shaving Soap containers are plastic and 100% recyclable.

Our “double-edge disposable razor blades” are made of stainless-steel and are 100% recyclable.

Our Shaving Brushes and Safety Razors are solidly constructed and designed to last years and years.

The planet thanks you for doing your part in reducing the amount of garbage accumulating in our landfills.


Here’s the typical “mass market” cost of “cartridge razor shaving”:

Gillette Fusion Blades (1 blade per week) $5.99 X 52 = $311.48
Gillette Series Shaving Foam (1 can per month) $2.97 X 12 = $35.64
After-Shave Balm (1 bottle every 6 months) 2 X $25.00 = $50.00

TOTAL COST: $397.12

Here’s the cost of “Canadian Shaving Company Limited” Shaving System:

BAILI “Private Stock” Black Label Razor Blades (2 per week) 2 X $0.40 X 52 = $41.60
CANADA SHAVING SOAP (2 per year) 2 X $41.00 = $82.00*
HALIFAX After-Shave (coming soon) (2 per year) 2 X $10.00 = $20.00

TOTAL COST = $143.60

*most people will use just 1 container of Canada Shaving Soap in a year, but some will use 2, so we decided to use 2 in our analysis as we wanted to err on the side of caution.

WOW! A savings of over 63%!!
And a better shave to boot!

So if you’re looking to:

1. Save money

2. Get the smoothest, most comfortable, and closest shave you’ve ever had with zero irritation

3. Have an eco-friendly shaving system that’s 100% recyclable with truly face-friendly ingredients

4. Turn a dreaded daily chore into a highly anticipated morning ritual

5. Leave home every morning feeling like a million bucks!

Look no further than our shaving system.

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to give you the best shave you’ll ever have.