A chrome-plated classic shaving razor of unparalleled craftsmanship, this three-piece razor is reminiscent of the razors made back in the early 1900’s. Cast from premium zinc alloys and chrome-plated, this safety razor weighs in at 81.5 grams . Exquisitely balanced with a superb grip handle, this razor will glide through the toughest of beards.

An engineering marvel with precision blade angles and blade gap ensures the ultimate shaving experience.

Handle Length: 85.0 mm
Total Length: 95.0 mm
Weight: 81.50 g

Combine this razor with our “Canada Shaving Soap” for the ultimate shaving experience—a smooth, close, comfortable shave—every time! Say goodbye to massive shaving irritation and hello to the shave of your life!

“Words cannot describe how beautiful this piece of machinery really is. Flawless finish. Great heft. Feels substantial, but not heavy. The handle provides for a secure grip. As for using this thing, I love it! Best shave I’ve ever had. Closest shave ever with zero irritation. I would never go back to cartridges. Shaving with this is way cheaper and so much fun.”