A few quick swirls with a shaving brush produces a thick, luxurious shaving lather for a premium shaving experience. Moisturizing and conditioning, this rich lather protects the skin, and softens the beard. Its amazing slickness, and outstanding razor glide, provide for an extremely close, yet comfortable, shave. Although formulated for ultra-sensitive skin, it’s perfect for any skin type.

It’s vegetable-based, fragrance and perfume free! Absolutely no irritating additives nor artificial colours.

Hand-crafted in small batches, our artisanal shaving soap ages for a minimum of six months be-fore we allow it to be sold. This aging process results in a hard, dense shaving soap that lasts an incredibly long period of time, yet is child’s play to whip up into a lather of supreme luxury.


“Load your brush, move it to a mug/bowl and it will whip up into gobs of the creamiest lather. No shaving cuts, scrapes, or irritation. Unparalleled razor glide. This is my “go to” shaving soap, and it’s also a cool-looking addition to my bathroom countertop”


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